About Bird Canada

We are proudly Canadian.

What is Bird Canada?

Bird Canada is proudly Canadian with an all-Canadian management team and backed by Canadian investors.

We’re working with cities and universities across the country to provide new transportation options complement public transit systems that benefit everyone. We're on a mission to provide eco-friendly transportation for all and looking forward to building Canadian communities that have less traffic, cleaner air, and safer streets.

What sets Bird Canada apart from the rest

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Our diverse workforce is committed to delivering a safe, sustainable micro-mobility experience in every city we serve.

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We hire locally and partner with neighbourhood organizations to cultivate community growth and improve urban living.

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Our drive to lead micro-mobility into the future puts us on the cutting edge of clean, accessible urban transportation.

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We believe in transparency and accountability and strive to deliver the best customer experience every day.


Bird Canada’s mission is to create a more livable future by reducing car trips, traffic, and carbon emissions. Globally, our shared e-scooter services were climate neutral in 2020 and we take our entire lifecycle into consideration to make our mission come to life responsibly.

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Bird’s world-class, in-house design and engineering team is dedicated to creating, improving, and constantly evolving our products in order to better fit Canadian riders' needs.

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Bird Canada currently operates in 10+ Canadian locations across the country, connecting cities to a safe, convenient, and sustainable way to travel!

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  • Cleaner air.
  • Less Traffic.
  • More joy.