Bird Canada Rides High on the Wings of Success in 2023: A Year of Sustainable Triumphs in Micromobility

Bird Canada Rides High on the Wings of Success in 2023: A Year of Sustainable Triumphs in Micromobility

Bird Canada, the nation’s largest and most popular sustainable micromobility provider, proudly reflects on a year of remarkable achievements, setting new standards for eco-friendly urban transportation across the country. Bird Canada continues to grow, breaking records and solidifying its position as Canada’s micromobility leader, over 60% of total micromobility vehicles deployed across Canada.

Record-Setting Growth and Environmental Impact

Since Bird Canada’s launch in 2019, our riders have done more than 5 million rides from coast to coast. During those 5 years, Bird Canada riders have saved almost 2,850 metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere and more than 358,000 liters of gasoline from being used. The 358,000 liters of gasoline saved could power a compact car for about 3.5 million kilometers. That’s like driving around the entire Earth 89 times!

Commenting on Bird Canada’s success in 2023, Stewart Lyons, Bird Canada CEO said “2023 was a year of unparalleled growth for Bird Canada, seeing us expand to 22 cities and 38% growth in new ridership. As we enter 2024, with more communities embracing micromobility, we are ready to lead the charge in sustainable urban mobility across Canada, through the introduction of a new, even lower footprint vehicle and continued industry-leading practices.”

In terms of record-setting usage, Bird Canada’s highest usage was seen in Brampton, Ontario where a single rider completed 900 rides within a couple of months. The most usage overall occurred in Calgary, Alberta where riders averaged 6 rides per person per season, surpassing all other cities. The longest ride in 2023 took place in Spruce Grove, Alberta with a rider traveling 42 kilometers in a single journey!

Throughout 2023, Bird Canada proudly added new markets and continued on its mission to be a safe and reliable sustainable transportation partner to the cities it serves:

Key Developments in 2023

  • Greater Toronto Area Expansion: Bird Canada solidified its presence in multiple Ontario cities by adding two cities, Hamilton and Ajax as the exclusive e-scooter operator in those cities. The company also successfully ventured into Oshawa, Tecumseh, and Brampton, further growing its footprint in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to existing operations in Ottawa and Windsor, Bird Canada is now operating in 7 cities across Ontario, with riders traveling more than one million kilometers in the province alone in 2023.

    As part of its commitment to supporting local communities, Bird Canada played a crucial role in November 2023 by supporting Hamilton’s residents during the city transit strike. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 115% week-over-week increase in rides during the strike. Despite the onset of cold winter weather, Bird Canada’s service proved essential for Hamilton residents, enabling them to navigate the city seamlessly despite the limited public transportation options available.

  • Success in Laval and Parc Jean-Drapeau, Quebec: With over 14,500 trips in just four months, Bird Canada’s return to Quebec has been successful, showing significant use of e-scooters for first and last-mile connectivity. A recent survey conducted by Léger Marketing showed that almost two-thirds of young Montrealers are in favor of self-service e-scooter program returning to Montreal in 2024. This support reaches 62% among those aged 18-34.

  • Sustainable Mobility Launch in Saskatchewan: June marked the launch of Bird Canada’s e-scooter programs in Saskatchewan in both Saskatoon and Regina, aligning with Saskatoon and Regina’s renewable, net-zero goals. Bird Canada participated in various events in the community including multiple safety events including I Love Regina Day in Regina and Food Truck Wars in Saskatoon where the team taught new riders how to safely ride.

  • Bird’s Micromobility Revolution: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Safer, Smarter Rides: During 2023, Bird announced a suite of technology solutions to meet city needs and further expand the micromobility industry. These innovations, seamlessly integrated into the Bird rider experience, are aimed at enhancing safety and promoting compliant riding and parking. Features included global Google Maps integration, an upgraded Visual Parking System powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API, and pioneering age verification tools. Bird continues to lead with ongoing developments, introducing technologies like double-riding detection and camera-equipped vehicles, reinforcing its commitment to safety and innovation in micromobility.

Bird Canada Sets Sights on Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2024

Bird Canada is proud to announce the company’s plan to achieve net zero emissions for its operations in Canada in 2024. Bird Canada’s plan involves implementing a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of our operations and infrastructure.

  • New BirdFour E-Scooters: As part of our dedication to sustainability, Bird Canada is excited to introduce new vehicles, including the innovative Bird Four, designed to contribute to our overarching goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2024. These new additions to our fleet align with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and providing environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

  • Swappable Battery Vehicles: The BirdFour will be available with a swappable battery in 2024. By introducing a swappable battery, Bird Canada will significantly reduce VKT (Vehicle Kilometers Travelled). Easily moved, charged, and replaced compared to entire devices, the new BirdFour e-scooter will enable sustainable operations using smaller electric vehicles for battery transportation.

  • Fleet Electrification: Bird Canada is transitioning the entire operational vehicle fleet, inclusive of cargo vans and trikes to electric vehicles in 2024.

  • Service Center Infrastructure Improvements: Bird Canada is working with Hydro and utility providers to transition all of the real estate facilities to run on 100% renewable energy in 2024.

  • Sustainable Materials: Bird Canada will continue to recycle 100% of vehicle components in 2024 working with local recyclers across the country.

  • Earth Day Initiative: As a testament to our dedication to sustainability, Bird Canada celebrated Earth Day by partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every rider in CalgaryEdmontonBramptonHamilton, and Windsor who took a ride on April 22, 2023. This initiative not only encouraged sustainable transportation choices but also led to the planting of 5,000 trees in critical areas, actively supporting environmental conservation and restoration efforts in Ontario and Alberta. This campaign has been a great success, which has fueled Bird’s enthusiasm to reintroduce it in 2024 and plant 10,000 new trees across the country.

Bird Canada extends heartfelt gratitude to the communities, riders, and partners whose support contributed to the success of 2023. Together, we eagerly anticipate a future where sustainable micromobility not only redefines how we move, connect, and contribute to a cleaner planet but also ensures continued profitability and environmental responsibility for our operations.

About Bird Canada

Bird Canada is the leading Canadian micro mobility provider that operates an electric vehicle sharing program. Bird Canada is a Canadian-owned and operated company that offers Canadians, and visitors to Canada, a new way to avoid congestion and get around that is sustainable and uses the most innovative last-mile mobility solutions for urban areas. For additional information, visit BirdCanada.caTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

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Sara Evans Saunders
Head of Marketing and Partnerships
Bird Canada

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