Bird Canada is Expanding Widely Across Canada, With New Launches Across Mississauga, Surrey, Lethbridge, and Cranbrook for Earth Day 2024

Bird Canada is Expanding Widely Across Canada, With New Launches Across Mississauga, Surrey, Lethbridge, and Cranbrook for Earth Day 2024

The company now operates in five provinces, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta, serving communities across 26 cities nationwide.

Bird Canada, the nation’s leading provider of micromobility solutions, celebrates Earth Day and the start of its 6th year in Canada. With a strong commitment to a more sustainable future for all, Bird Canada is thrilled to announce its expansion in multiple new cities such as Mississauga ON, Surrey BC, Cranbrook BC, and Lethbridge AB. Across all these new markets, Bird Canada will launch 1,550 new vehicles to serve 1.5 million residents with both e-scooters and e-bikes across these 3 provinces. In addition to its expansion, the company aims to achieve net zero emissions for all its operations across Canada by the end of the year. This ambitious goal represents a significant milestone in the company’s sustainability efforts, showcasing its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and driving positive change in urban transportation across Canada.

Bird Canada Sets Wheels in New Cities and Provinces

In a significant milestone for the company, Bird Canada celebrates its expansion into the province of British Columbia. Bird Canada will launch its new operations in Surrey on April 24, rolling out 300 e-bikes gradually. The company will be the exclusive provider for this initiative, further expanding its reach and commitment to sustainable mobility in Canada. Meanwhile, in Cranbrook, the official launch date for the exclusive e-scooter program will be announced shortly, with plans to deploy 150 e-scooters for residents and visitors.

Stewart Lyons, CEO of Bird Canada stated: “We are very excited to bring our industry-leading, sustainable transportation solutions to the people of Surrey and Cranbrook in British Columbia, Lethbridge in Alberta, and Mississauga in Ontario. We’re certain they will adopt micromobility solutions with the same exuberance as millions of other Canadians across the country.”

In Mississauga, Ontario, Bird Canada is set to launch 450 e-scooters and 150 e-bikes, expanding its extensive presence in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Bird Canada already operates in Brampton, Hamilton, Oshawa, Ottawa, Windsor, Tecumseh, and Ajax.

In Lethbridge, Alberta, Bird Canada has recently been granted an exclusive permit for 300 e-scooters and 200 e-bikes. This move marks a significant step towards promoting eco-friendly and easily accessible transportation options across the province. The initiative aligns with the growing micromobility sector in Alberta, where Bird Canada is already providing its services in 12 cities.

This expansion marks Bird Canada’s presence in five provinces, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta, with operations in over 26 cities across Canada, making Bird Canada the largest and most established operator in Canada since 2019.

Setting a New Standard: Aiming for Net Zero Emissions

Bird Canada’s ambitious plan to reach net zero emissions by the end of 2024 underscores its dedication to combating climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. Bird Canada aims to lead by example in the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy by implementing a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of its operations and infrastructure.

Innovative Solutions Driving Change

As part of its strategy to achieve net zero emissions, Bird Canada introduces innovative solutions designed to reduce its environmental footprint while enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of its operations:

  • New BirdFour E-Scooters: Bird Canada is excited to introduce the innovative Bird Four, designed to contribute to the overarching goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2024. Initially rolling out in Mississauga and Calgary, the Bird Four offers advanced features like four independent brakes, real-time sidewalk riding detection, and Google’s VPS parking verification. This new vehicle prioritizes eco-conscious urban mobility with a five-year lifespan, swappable batteries, and an integrated wireless phone charger.
  • Swappable Battery Technology: In 2024, Bird Canada will equip its fleet with swappable battery technology, significantly reducing vehicle kilometers traveled (VKT) and promoting sustainable operations using smaller electric vehicles for battery transportation.
  • Fleet Electrification: Bird Canada is transitioning its entire operational vehicle fleet, including cargo vans and trikes, to electric vehicles, further reducing carbon emissions and minimizing its environmental impact.
  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure: Bird Canada is collaborating with hydro and utility providers to transition all real estate facilities to run on 100% renewable energy, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable energy practices.
  • Recycling Initiatives: Bird Canada continues its efforts to recycle 100% of vehicle components, partnering with local recyclers across the country to promote circular economy principles and minimize waste.

Earth Day Celebrations: Promoting Sustainability Across Canada

In honour of Earth Day 2024, Bird Canada is hosting a series of events in select cities across the country, aimed at promoting sustainable transportation practices and fostering community engagement. Bird Canada will also extend a special offer to all riders across Canada through the Bird app, encouraging them to choose green transportation options. This initiative not only promotes the adoption of eco-friendly transportation alternatives but also contributes to significant reductions in gas consumption and CO2 emissions, fostering a greener future for our planet.

Making A Local Impact By Joining City Clean-up Events

Bird Canada is actively collaborating with multiple Canadian cities to participate in annual cleanup events, aligning with local communities to make a tangible impact on environmental sustainability. The company and its employees will participate in various events across different cities, including, but not limited to:

  • Red Deer, AB: The Green Deer Spring Cleanup Campaign
  • Okotoks, AB: Okotoks Clean Up event
  • St. Albert, AB: Neighbourhood Cleanups
  • Oshawa, ON: Community Clean Up
  • Windsor, ON: Malden Park Earth Day event

Building on Canadian Success since 2019

Bird Canada proudly acknowledges the remarkable strides made in advancing sustainable transportation solutions. With over 5 million rides taken since 2019, and nearly 2,850 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved, Bird Canada has emerged as a driving force for positive environmental change, setting new standards for eco-friendly mobility in Canada.

About Bird Canada

Bird Canada is the leading Canadian micro mobility provider that operates an electric vehicle sharing program. Bird Canada is a Canadian-owned and operated company that offers Canadians, and visitors to Canada, a new way to avoid congestion and get around that is sustainable and uses the most innovative last-mile mobility solutions for urban areas. For additional information, visit BirdCanada.caTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

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Sara Evans Saunders
Head of Marketing and Partnerships
Bird Canada

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