The Bird Canada fleet has landed in Lethbridge, Alberta!

The Bird Canada fleet has landed in Lethbridge, Alberta!

TORONTO, June 1, 2024 — It is with great excitement that Bird Canada announces its newest collaboration with the City of Lethbridge to re-launch the e-scooter and e-bike program for the 2024 season. Our state-of-the-art fleet of 300 e-scooters and 200 e-bikes will gradually be introduced throughout key areas of the city, including Downtown Lethbridge, Henderson Lake, Legacy, Nicholas Sheran, and beyond.

The City of Lethbridge has its sights set on a well-balanced, sustainable transportation network. The designs will aim to address future climate realities and contribute to a healthy environment. This is why we are proud to be partners with the City, offering a remarkable transportation alternative that significantly contributes to the city’s ambitious goals.


How It Works

Riders can download the Bird app on Android and iOS devices to find available vehicles in their area. Riders then scan the vehicle with their smartphone, conduct a short safety check, and hop on and ride.

A single trip costs riders $1.00 to unlock the vehicle, plus 36 cents per minute for the duration of the ride until they park the vehicle. For even greater savings, riders can opt for Bird Canada’s affordable ride passes, with pricing and details available in the app under the ride pass section. Please note, riders must be at least 16 years old to use the service.


Safety First, Always.

Bird Canada is committed to addressing community needs and ensuring the seamless integration of our services. To enhance safety, we will activate beginner mode for all riders at the start of the season, limiting speeds to 20 km/h. Bird vehicles can be used on both sidewalks and roads, while e-bikes are restricted to roads and multi-use pathways. Riders who violate usage guidelines may face app bans.

We aim to offer Lethbridge residents and visitors convenient, eco-friendly transportation options, transforming daily commutes and reducing carbon emissions for a greener future.

“We are delighted to have been selected and trusted by the City of Lethbridge. Bird Canada is thrilled to offer a sustainable, affordable, and convenient solution for residents to explore their city this summer.” – Patrick Graham, General Manager of Bird Canada.


Building on Canadian Success since 2019

Bird Canada proudly acknowledges the remarkable strides made in advancing sustainable transportation solutions. With over 5 million rides taken since 2019, and nearly 2,850 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved, Bird Canada has emerged as a driving force for positive environmental change, setting new standards for eco-friendly mobility in Canada. As of 2024, the company now operates in five provinces, including Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta, serving communities across 26 cities nationwide, and more to come!

About Bird Canada

Bird Canada is the leading Canadian micro mobility provider that operates an electric vehicle sharing program. Bird Canada is a Canadian-owned and operated company that offers Canadians, and visitors to Canada, a new way to avoid congestion and get around that is sustainable and uses the most innovative last-mile mobility solutions for urban areas. For additional information, visit BirdCanada.caTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

Note to media:
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Sara Evans Saunders
Head of Marketing and Partnerships
Bird Canada

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